Flying Site Information


All Mountaineer sites are in the Cumberland, Maryland area, except as noted.

High Point (W-N) H3/P3, Wind speed 0 - 15 mph (pg) 0 - 20 mph (hg)

Zirk's (NW) H2/P2 with observer, Wind speed 0 - 15 mph (pg) 0 - 20 mph (hg)

Canaan Valley Resort State Park

Tucker County, West Virginia



*Club membership is required to fly High Point and is required after the first flight at Zirks.


All pilots flying Mountaineer sites must be current USHPA members.
Protocol for sites: All sites require waivers. See our Site Waivers page for more info. Also please contact the club members for a site introduction if you want to fly them.



Closed Flying Sites



Spruce Knob (SE) Closed, Vegetation surrounding the launch site continues to grow and is now beginning to obstruct launching. Spruce Knob rests in a National Recreation area that permits any type of recreational activity. However, because the Monongahela National Forest master plan prohibits clearing of the Red Spruce trees that surround the site, the MHGA can no longer continue to keep the site free of obstacles to launch.


North Fork Mountain (NW) Closed, The launch ramp has fallen into disrepair and can no longer be considered safe for launching.



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