Flying Site Waivers

All regional flying sites require the pilot to read and sign waivers, for your protection as well as the site property owners. Never fly a site without signing and submitting the proper waiver first! This is critical to maintaining our sites and good relations with landowners.

Please contact the appropriate club members if you want to fly a site. For details and additional pilot contacts, you may want to buy a Mid-Atlantic site guide.


Many of our sites are shared with the Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association. Check their website for more information.

All pilots flying Mountaineer sites must be current USHPA members. 

Mountaineer Club Sites

*Club membership is required to fly High Point and is required after the first flight at Zirks .

High Point

Canaan Valley Resort

The Mountaineer waiver is identical for both Cumberland-area sites other than the names of the landowners. Prior to flying any of these sites, the appropriate waiver(s) must be properly completed and submitted to a MHGA club officer, in-person, so a detailed pilot briefing/orientation can be provided due to the sensitive nature of these flying sites.


Daedalus Club Sites
Avonmore (Launch)
Avonmore (Right-of-Way)
Avonmore (LZ)
Note that the Templeton and Avonmore waivers must be notarized. Once completed, contact a member of the Daedalus Hang Gliding Club to get them to the appropriate person.


Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association/
Maryland Hang Gliding Association Sites

Both of these waivers can be sent to Hugh McElrah,  VP/Treasurer of the Capitol Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.
Jack's Mountain
As of January 2003 this waiver's status is unclear. We have yet to determine if any particular club has overall responsibility for Jack's Mountain, and needs to have these waivers on file. If you happen to know, please contact CHGPA at

High Rock - This is a sensitive site as it is located in a restricted area. For more information, follow the link to the CHGPA site information page.


Hyner Club Sites
Hyner View
(See the waiver for a mailing address.)


Other Pennsylvania Sites
Sacramento (Launch)
Sacramento (LZ)
(Waivers sent directly to landowners---see waivers for addresses.)


Shenandoah National Park Sites
Dickey's Ridge
Shenandoah sites require 2 forms to be submitted to the park. A Liability Release, and The Special Use Permit Application which requires details about the LZs for the SNP sites. Just write "ON FILE" in large letters across the three areas where this information is requested. You must send the release, the SUP application, a photocopy of your USHGA membership card, and your check to the address listed at the bottom of the permit application. After processing, the National Park Service will send you two copies of your permit; you must then sign and return one of those copies. The Shenandoah sites are fairly technical (both the launches and the LZs). Do not fly them without the guidance of a pilot who knows them well.


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