Flying Site Waivers

All regional flying sites require the pilot to read and sign waivers, for your protection as well as the site property owners. Never fly a site without signing and submitting the proper waiver first! This is critical to maintaining our sites and good relations with landowners.


Many of our sites are shared with the Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association. Check their website for more information.


All pilots flying Mountaineer sites must be current USHPA members. 


Mountaineer Club Sites

*Club membership is required to fly High Point and is required after the first flight at Zirks or Fairgrounds.


High Point

Canaan Valley Resort


The Mountaineer waiver is identical for all  Cumberland-area sites other than the names of the landowners.  Prior to flying any of these sites, the appropriate waiver/s must be properly completed and submitted to a MHGA club officer, in-person, so a detailed pilot briefing/orientation can be provided due to the sensitive nature of these flying sites.




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