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United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association


Other Area Clubs

Capital Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (Washington, D.C.)

Windriders Hang Gliding Club (Southeastern PA)

Hyner View Hang Gliding Club (Central PA)


Area Hang Gliding Schools & Flight Parks

Blue Sky Hang Gliding School (Richmond, VA area)

Highland Aerosports (Eastern Shore of MD)

Silver Wings, Inc. (Washington, D.C. area)


Hang Glider Manufacturers

Aeros (makers of the Target, Discus, Combat, and Stealth)

Moyes (makers of the Sonic, Litesport, and Litespeed)

Wills Wing (makers of the Falcon, Eagle, Sport 2, U2, and Talon)


Weather Links
Weather Underground
NOAA - National Weather Service
Dr. Jack's Blipmap Forecasts
Kevin Ford's Soaring Weather Reports
NOAA Skew-T Generator (requires lat/lon)



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