(Revised 15-Jan-2022)


Mountaineer Hang Gliding Association

Risk Management Plan and

Site Guide


Canaan Valley Resort State Park


These rules provide guidance for hang gliding and paragliding at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park. The following guidance will be in effect until further notice.





1)     All Canaan Valley Resort State Park rules and regulations must be observed.


2)     Camping at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park is permitted only at designated camp sites. Camping is not permitted on launch.


3)     Access to the launch site is available via the ski lift. Vehicles are not permitted at the launch area unless specific permission is granted by the Park Ranger. The Canaan Valley State Park officials expressed a willingness to work with the hang-gliding community to arrive at a way to transport hang gliders up the chairlift. Until a good means transporting hang gliders to the launch area is devised, the site remains useful for paragliding pilots alone.


4)     A spectator viewing area has been constructed on the East side of the launch. With its completion, all spectators are requested to move to the viewing area during pilot launch operations.


5)     Gliders may launch only from designated launch areas.





1)     Paraglider pilots must be current USHPA members and must be have a minimum P-2 rating. Hang Glider Pilots must be current USHPA members and must be have a minimum H-2 rating.


2)     All pilots flying at Canaan Valley must have attended a takeoff and landing briefing before flying the site. The site briefing must be conducted by a person who is a knowledgeable USHPA site guide and has a signed waiver at the Canaan Valley Resort State Park headquarters.


3)     All Pilots must sign an assumption of liability waiver for the Canaan Valley Resort State Park






Fortunately, the Canaan Valley Resort State Park has two weather stations located in the vicinity of the launch site.


Local weather conditions at Pointy Knob are available at https://holfuy.com/en/weather/1222.


Local weather conditions at Bald Knob are available at https://dyacon.net/station.php?pid=a65b058e328e6d5703d0de1154279482.


Because the Canaan Valley has a unique meteorology, pilots are advised to check both weather stations before flying.


1)     All pilots are restricted from takeoff when wind directions are greater than 290 degrees or less than 190 degrees.



2)     Pilots are restricted from launching when average wind speeds exceed 15 mph or wind gusts exceed 20 mph as measured on either the Pointy Knob or Bald Knob site.






All spectators are to maintain a safe distance from pilots and gliders when they are engaged in launch activities. Spectators are encouraged to remain in the visitors area when launch activities are taking place.




  1. Pilot Skills:


USHPA maintains a five tiered pilot training and proficiency program that extends from P1 through P5. A description of the program consists of the following:

P1 is a beginning pilot,

P2 is a novice pilot,

P3 is an intermediate pilot,

P4 is an advanced pilot, and

P5 is a master pilot.

In this multi-tiered system, each pilot must attend formal training and pass a proficiency examination to attain these different levels.


    1. All pilots flying Canaan Valley must be a current USHPA member and must sign a waiver of liability and assumption of risk covering the takeoff and landing landowners. A copy of the signed waivers will be kept at the Canaan Valley State Park headquarters.


    1. Canaan Valley is only open for flying only for P2 or above rated pilots.


  1. Pilot Requirements:


All pilots flying at Canaan Valley must attend a takeoff and landing briefing before flying the site. An acknowledged USHPA safety observer that has a signed waiver at the Canaan Valley State Park headquarters must be the person to conduct the site briefing.


All pilots must maintain a minimum 150ft clearance above or around any roadways or power lines along the flight path.


All pilots must wear a helmet when flying the site.


All pilots must carry a certified reserve parachute.


All pilots must fly with a VHF-FM radio.

All pilots must avoid landing along the Laneville Road at any location West of the Miller Farm.


All pilots must carry a “tree kit” containing 50 feet of rescue cord in case of an unplanned landing in a tree where an extraction may be necessitated.


  1. Flight Requirement Enforcement:


Any pilot wishing to fly the site must register at the State Park headquarters at Canaan Valley.


Any pilot wishing to fly the site must have a waiver in file at the State Park headquarters. The waiver will include a notice that a site briefing has taken place. The waiver will also include emergency contact information.


Any pilot that attempts to fly without providing the signed waiver or without filing the required paperwork with the State Park will be trespassing on the Park property and will lose flying privileges for the site.






The above Risk Management Plan is reviewed on an annual basis or as requested by the Park Superintendent.